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Studio Poiesis

Holistic Life Coaching

A Healing Journey

About Me

Hi there! my name is Ignacio Ercole, I’m a queer, vegan, Latinx psychologist, meditator and artist. My approach focuses on the power of alchemy healing, the combination of vulnerability and courage, and the wisdom that arises when we truly work on knowing ourselves.

I’m a licensed psychologist in Argentina and I am specialized in contextual and mindfulness based therapy psychology (ACT and FAP). I am a certified psychodrama facilitator and hold an international certification as a life coach. I can work with both Spanish and English speakers.

Currently I’m the art director of the Center for Creative Inquiry, designer at Mangalam Research Center and the art creative director and co-founder of Venus in Cancer, as well as a collaborator of Moonrise Collective.

I offer mindfulness programs, classes and retreats for general audiences and for educators including mindful art classes.

Holistic Life Coach Services

Welcome to a transformative journey toward a more meaningful and fulfilling life. My approach empowers you to embrace the present moment and make committed choices that align with your core values. Through a unique blend of techniques, I can guide you on a path of self-discovery, helping you overcome challenges and obstacles, while focusing on personal growth, emotional well-being, and achieving your full potential.

Values-Based Living: This approach is rooted in the profound understanding that living in accordance with your values leads to a more purposeful and enriching life. Together, we'll explore your core values, identifying what truly matters to you. This process forms the foundation for setting meaningful goals and creating a life that's aligned with your authentic self.

Somatic Awareness: We delve into the wisdom of your body, recognizing that physical sensations often hold valuable insights into your emotional and psychological state. Somatic awareness helps you connect with your body's cues, providing valuable information to navigate life's challenges more effectively. It's a pathway to greater self-understanding and emotional intelligence.

Energetic Engagement: Discover the power of your inner energy and vitality. We explore techniques that help you tap into your natural reservoir of enthusiasm and motivation. By learning to harness and direct your energy, you can achieve greater focus, resilience, and passion in your personal and professional pursuits.

Mindfulness Practice: Mindfulness is at the heart of our coaching approach, offering a gentle yet powerful way to develop self-awareness, acceptance, and presence. Through mindfulness exercises, you'll learn to observe your thoughts and feelings without judgment, creating a space for conscious decision-making and emotional regulation.

I provide a safe and nonjudgmental space for self-exploration, allowing you to make mindful and intentional choices that lead to a more fulfilled and content life.